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Most of the population gradually increases their total wealth and assets over many years through a combination of earned income from their careers and investments in retirement accounts, real estate, and other passive income sources.

On the other hand, receiving a large amount of money all at once can create circumstances that people are often unprepared to handle. Statistically, one-third of Americans will spend down the windfall and then live with the regret of losing wealth.

Based in Denver, CO, working with clients nationwide and internationally.

Individuals who acquired sudden wealth can gain personalized attention and access to large-scale resources by partnering with the Hadary Team at Moneta Group. As an independent and fee-only firm, we are not swayed by outside shareholders or private equity and do not earn commissions on recommended products.

In other words, we always put our clients’ needs above our interests.

Our Credentials

Both team advisors — Erin Hadary and Jackson Wegner — are Certified Financial Planner ™ Professionals.

In addition to her Certified Financial Planner ™ designation, Erin Hadary is also a Certified Financial Transitionist (CEFT®).  This designation marks her as a financial planning specialist trained to help clients navigate through major life events and the financial transitions that accompany them.

We have a comprehensive understanding of how people subjectively experience change and are able to co-create their highest outcomes with them.

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