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Retirement planning is much more than accumulating enough wealth to enjoy your later years. It assures that you are prepared and positioned well in countless functional areas for what comes after a rewarding career. If you are unsure about pursuing retirement planning guidance, consider the following advantages that can come with doing so:  

  • Understanding the level of assets you may need to meet your retirement goals 
  • More flexibility in retirement  
  • Agreement with your spouse or partner on retirement wishes  
  • Preparation for surprise expenses, such as large healthcare bills  

Utilizing our expertise in retirement planning will offer you the benefit of independent and personalized assistance. With our unique expertise in preparing for big financial transitions, we can help you prepare for the next chapter of your life. 

By implementing a comprehensive approach to retirement planning, we analyze all aspects of your financial picture to assist in meeting your objectives and managing potential risks.  

Retirement planning may seem relatively straightforward, but it involves much more than just saving money during what is called the “accumulation phase.” First, we will identify your long-term retirement goals and objectives. Next, we will formulate a strategy that encompasses tax planning, investment planning, estate planning, risk management, and much more to provide the highest probability of success.  

When planning for retirement, our team will collaborate with you to discuss savings strategies, sources of income, the expenses required for your desired lifestyle, possible risks you may encounter, and how these factors intertwine with your cash flow. If our clients are transparent in sharing what matters most to them, it allows us to be accurate and steadfast in our recommendations.  

While you can begin financial planning at any point in your life, starting earlier increases the chance of having a secure and enjoyable retirement. Additionally, aspects that impact your financial plan can fluctuate throughout your lifetime. For this reason, you can have confidence that our team of advisors will monitor the plan and adjust to address the effects of those fluctuations.  

As an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we provide clients with impartial financial guidance. We take your entire financial picture into account using our holistic process and create retirement strategies that suit your needs. 

Investment Management

We provide investment recommendations and provide ongoing management of your investment portfolio. We meet with you periodically to review portfolio construction, performance, and potential for recommended changes.

We also analyze underlying expenses to detect hidden fees and offer suggestions for 401(k)s or other employer-sponsored retirement plans to ensure they align with your comprehensive portfolio strategy.

Tax Planning

Tax planning involves strategies to minimize tax liability and align with IRS guidelines while maximizing retirement savings in the most tax-efficient manner. An aspect of tax planning that many do not recognize before hiring a financial planner is that the withdrawal strategy during retirement should be planned well ahead of time. These services also include maximizing Social Security and looking at tax reform legislation, such as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  

Cash Flow Planning & Money Management 

We will thoroughly assess your budgeted income and expenses to provide clarity and visualize how cash flow planning decisions can impact the trajectory of your retirement success. As we hold these discussions with you, often we understand more of what truly matters most to you during your career and in the retirement stage of life. 

Multigenerational Legacy Planning

Many individuals and families do not only want a comfortable retirement – they want their wealth to have a lasting impact. Legacy planning for clients establishes peace of mind that wealth will be managed according to their wishes following death or incapacitation. Our team will analyze wills, trusts, powers of attorney, comprehensive estate plans, and similar documents to guide recommendations. We will also assist with assigning beneficiaries, charitable gifting, and positioning of assets in various types of trusts. 

Retirement Planning for Women  

Generally speaking, women and men have similar considerations for retirement – such as income and healthcare needs. However, women can face unique challenges that potentially can make retirement planning slightly different. For instance, women have higher life expectancies than men but often make less money due, for example, to gender-based wage gaps. These factors result in the need for women to strategize diligently to enhance the longevity of their wealth. 

Our retirement planning services provide women with income and investment strategies to create a secure and enjoyable retirement. Our team also looks at your unique financial situation to determine the best way to meet your individual needs. 

The Hadary team provides the personalized attention of an independent advisory firm, coupled with the extensive resources of a large-scale partnership. Our team serves clients in Colorado and across the globe. As fee-only fiduciaries, we always place the needs of our clients above our own interests and do not receive any sales commissions ever. 

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