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As part of your financial planestate planning helps prepare you and your loved ones to address some of life’s most challenging situations. Estate planning aims to detail what happens to your assets (property, retirement accounts, investment accounts, bank accounts, etc.) when you are gone. The Hadary Team at Moneta Group has the expertise and resources to guide our clients through basic or complex estate planning needs and prepare them for changing circumstances. As an independent firm, our goal is to deliver personalized service in managing your hard-earned wealth.

When people pass away, they often leave behind assets they wish to gift to individuals, charities, and/or other beneficiaries. Proactive estate planning defines your personal wishes of to who or whom you wish assets to go. For example, what do you wish to do with your home, your retirement accounts, and bank accounts, including checking and savings accounts — to ensure they are distributed according to your wishes after you pass away.

To determine how your assets will be shared between heirs, you need to write instructions indicating what possessions you want to give to specific beneficiaries and when you want them to receive them. The most common method for drafting these guidelines is with a will. In this legal document, you state your intentions for your wealth and name a trustee or executor to ensure your wishes come to fruition.

Our Estate Planning Services

The Hadary Team uses a comprehensive process to guide our clients. First, we work with you to understand your current financial situation, personal goals for the future, and unique personal circumstances. Other elements of estate planning we may discuss include:

Retirement account and life insurance policy beneficiaries

Estate taxes

Living trusts and other available trusts options

Healthcare power of attorney or healthcare proxy

Planning for accommodations for children with special needs

Using this information, we develop an estate plan strategy aligned with your desires explaining how we decided on particular solutions. Next, we work with or help you identify an estate planning attorney in your state to prepare the legal document drafts. After the estate attorney of choice drafts your estate documents, we have our in-house estate attorney review the documents and create an executive summary and flow chart to summarize the flow of assets visually so we can provide final feedback to the estate attorney before you sign and execute your estate wishes. Lastly, we will monitor the estate plan and current state and federal estate rules to ensure that as laws changes, you are proactive in updating and adjusting your estate wishes when necessary.

Estate planning is crucial to having peace of mind about your wealth. It gives your family financial security and enables you to add to the growth and success of organizations. When you pursue the services of an estate planning financial advisor like the Hadary Team, you may reap the following benefits:

Protect loved ones

Without proper estate planning, asset distribution is in the hands of the courts. This process can be tedious and expensive for your loved ones, who are already grief-stricken about the loss. An estate plan helps your family avoid these issues.

Prevent tension between family members

Most people want their wealth to foster a lasting, positive legacy. However, neglecting to create an estate plan may result in confusion about who gets what assets. This uncertainty may lead to loved ones fighting over your possessions and taking each other to court. Estate planning ensures your assets are handled according to your wishes, reducing these concerns after your death.

Limit taxes for heirs

Estate planning financial advisors have strategies for transferring assets to beneficiaries while maintaining as small an income tax burden as possible. They may also offer methods for lowering most or all of their state inheritance taxes and federal and state estate taxes.

Trust the Hadary Team at Moneta Group to deliver comprehensive and objective estate planning consulting services. As a fee-only and independent firm, we are not swayed by external private equity or shareholders and earn no commissions on the products we recommend. Our clients rest assured that we observe a fiduciary duty to always put their needs above our interests.

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