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Lottery winners are some of the most recognizable examples of sudden wealth. The excitement of the win coupled with the various legal, financial, and tax repercussions often lead people to make rash decisions with their newfound fortune.  

A sudden wealth financial advisor has the knowledge and tools to aid you in using your winnings wisely and maintaining them long-term. At Moneta, the Hadary Team can help ensure you make the right decisions to maximize your winnings, and also to understand the longer-term challenges that come with sudden wealth.   

Why do lottery winners need expert guidance? 

Some winners make irreversible decisions without a well-qualified guide, significantly reducing their new wealth. Hasty decisions such as quitting your career and retiring early may jeopardize your financial well-being.  

You’d like to have enough wealth to live the life you imagine – and yet, you may feel overwhelmed and confused about how to navigate the decisions that come with all this money without making mistakes. Which solutions are the right ones for you and your personal goals? How can you be sure you’ll be in the proper position for your life’s changes? You need a trusted guide. 

If you have questions or would like more information about a financial plan tailored to sudden wealth, please schedule a conversation with Erin Hadary. She and her team serve clients nationwide and including clients who live aboard with US citizenship. We offer a free consultation to discuss how a comprehensive financial planning can help protect the new wealth and enable it to grow.   

In addition to the CeFT® and CFP® designations mentioned above, Erin also is also a Chartered Advisor of Philanthropy®(CAP®). This additional training helps the Hadary team build comprehensive plans for clients in complex scenarios like yours. 

Partnering with Moneta means working with a financial advisor who puts your needs first. As a fee-only firm, we never receive compensation for the products we recommend. We are 100% partner-owned, ensuring that outside private equity firms and corporate shareholders do not influence our recommendations for our clients. Our clients’ best interest is our top priority. Although we are backed by the resources and security of an established firm, we deliver personalized attention found at a smaller office.  

Contact the Hadary team at Moneta to learn more about sudden wealth management and our other services.