Financial Planning for Widows

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Losing the person closest to you is one of the most painful experiences. In addition to the grieving process, widows will need to address their partner’s financials after their passing.

We can come alongside you during this difficult time to help guide you through the necessary processes. As a Certified Financial Transitionist®, we are uniquely qualified to help you navigate the journey ahead.

What financial planning steps should be considered when recently widowed?

The emotional stress of losing your life partner makes it difficult to think about financial decisions. You can take a few actions right after your spouse passes away:

  • Request 12 copies of the death certificate.
  • Gather all their financial records.
  • Search their wallet and any filing cabinets to locate their credit and debit cards.
  • Locate estate documents

Financial planning for widows can be challenging, but there is no need to do it alone. You can trust our team to help you navigate the various financial aspects of widowhood.

As a fee-only and fiduciary Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, we put our clients’ needs and goals above our interests and do not receive commissions or other incentives for the products we recommend.

We deliver the boutique service of an independent firm coupled with the extensive resources of a large-scale partnership to help you accomplish your goals.

Contact our team to learn more about financial planning for the recently widowed or our other offerings.

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