The Blair Sheehan Steffens Akins Han Team is your advocate for all aspects of your financial life. We act as your Family CFO, leading cohesive strategies beyond just investments. We help you best leverage your assets, while also managing risk. We are a team of not only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals, but also CPAs, MBAs and J.D.s. With our highly credentialed experts and technical capability we are able to solve complex challenges for our clients with seamless, comprehensive service.

Our Comprehensive Approach is delivered to benefit you however you need it most.
We have been working with wealthy families for 25+ years and understand complex financial lives.
We save you time and provide clarity to help you reach your life’s goals.

More Time

We have concierge services to assist you with things like bill pay and bookkeeping. We are also available to help you have some of the difficult conversations in family meetings and inheritance discussions. Consolidating your wealth creates efficiencies for you:

  • Fewer meetings
  • Less paperwork
  • Fewer login credentials to track
  • Less work at tax time

Clear Alignment

Having a singular financial advisor partner, like Moneta, means you don’t have to manage the managers, and there is no question on accountability. We are committed to doing what’s in our clients’ best interest, which includes:

  • Consolidated reporting
  • Consistent investment policy
  • Comprehensive tax strategy considerations
  • Holistic portfolio allocation



Some engage with multiple advisors to try to attain investment diversification. In analyzing the numbers of individual stock positions of each fund, we have found that approach more commonly leads to duplication and dilution. Also adding to the bottom line, advisory fees we have found are also less with a singular financial advisor. Fee structures at most firms benefit those who consolidate.

Our Wealth Management Team

Our team has the depth and breadth of experience to serve you and your family’s legacy today and for years to come.

A Wealth of Information