Charitable foundation

The work of the Moneta Charitable Foundation (MCF) reflects our firm’s values and practices. Our team members contribute their time, talent, and treasure in ways that create true impact across our geographic footprint.

Equipping people to build their financial capabilities and family assets. We partner in initiatives that focus on economic empowerment and access, as well as supporting organizations that help our communities to thrive.

MCF will celebrate 25 years of impact in 2024, and we’re just getting started!

Boosting economic empowerment is a priority for MCF. We think everyone should have access to knowledge and real-world skills that enable smart decision making. To that end, we’re collaborating with a number of nonprofits to deliver education and training, including:


EVERFI is a national organization that enables educators to bring real-world learning into the classroom at no cost to the school district. Moneta sponsors EVERFI’s Financial Literacy program, teaching students how to make wise financial decisions.

2023-24 Academic Year: 25 Schools 

5 Regions: St. Louis, Denver, Chicago, Kansas City & Worcester      

Junior Achievement

JA inspires young people to succeed in a global economy through fun and engaging lessons. Moneta employees volunteer in classrooms to teach students economic skills.

Students Reached in 2023: 202

Moneta Volunteers: 20


JP is a nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that provides financial services for individuals who may lack access to traditional banking services due to insufficient credit history. By partnering with organizations the support under-resourced communities, MCF is creating positive social impacts beyond a financial return.

Loan Amount: $100,000
(part of collective pool of $38M)

100% of Loans to Low- & Moderate-Income Borrowers

MCF is pleased to have provided our time, talent and treasure to more than 490 nonprofits over the past 25 years, including: