Investment Approach

Define and Understand Your Goals

We strive to learn more about your long-term goals, including income needs in your lifetime or the desire to leave a legacy to future generations.

Develop a Formalized Investment Policy Statement

We will develop a formal written Investment Policy Statement that reflects your objectives and constraints.

Portfolio Construction

We will develop a unique targeted asset allocation consistent with your risk tolerance, goals, and objectives. We will then provide specific recommendations from the universe of active manager and passive indexed solutions.

Ongoing Review

We conduct ongoing reviews of your goals, objectives, and spending policy to verify your portfolio is consistent with your plan. We are available for meetings or calls with you as requested, but at a minimum we would meet semiannually to review your portfolio performance, asset allocation, market outlook and developments.

As an investment team, we have coalesced around the following core beliefs that will inform our decisions as related to our asset allocation, manager selection, and model portfolios. 

Investing with a Client Lens

Our investment approach is client-centric; we tailor portfolios to individual objectives, income needs, and risk tolerances.

Resilient Model Portfolios

Our model portfolios are designed to provide broad diversification and include in-house bond trading and portfolio management.

Extraordinary Reach

Our world-class alternative asset expertise offers access to private assets and innovative solutions.

Keen Focus on Value

We focus on net returns and investment costs are always a key area of scrutiny.

Focusing on the Long Term

We believe that most investing should have a long-term time horizon and discourage frequent turnover or “churn”.

Knowledge is Power

Our investment approach embraces education around asset classes, market conditions, and portfolio positioning. We generate topical multi-media content for all appetites.

Our experienced Investment Team is here to help you navigate the inherent volatility of financial markets by focusing on a disciplined, long-term strategy while avoiding the traps of panic and euphoria that can negatively impact your wealth plan. Read their latest investment insights in the articles below: