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MonetaSM immediately stands out among the other Top 5 Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) in the latest national rankings published by Barron’s because of its selective number of clients served, advisors employed and operating locations. Moneta provides the lowest client-to-advisor ratio (44:1) of the Top 5 firms, allowing it to offer clients a combination of scale and personal attention that is rare among its competition. The firm achieved its lofty position in the rankings by strategically cultivating a strong foundation of institutional knowledge and refined processes in St. Louis before launching an expansion market this year. Moneta’s unwavering commitment to operate with a client-first approach continues to elevate the firm nationally.

“When we learned that Moneta ranked as a Top 5 RIA for the second year in a row, the first thing we thought of was our clients. I want to publicly thank them, because this ranking is more about them than us,” said Moneta’s Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board, Eric Kittner. “It always comes back to serving clients best. When you continually make business decisions from that perspective, clients do well, and so does the firm.”

The article Barron’s published with its rankings poses an important question for the industry at large: “Are RIA firms growing too fast?” Moneta’s growth over the past five years has been both steady and purely organic. When comparing that against the rest of the Top 10, Moneta once again stands out as the industry consolidates at light speed.

“We purposely waited to expand into other markets until our processes, succession plan and culture were honed and proven to be best for clients,” said Moneta’s President and COO, Keith Bowles.

With this strong foundation in place, Moneta remains committed to that measured approach while launching a new Denver office in 2019 and other expansion locations in the coming years.

“Many firms are growing too quickly, operating at capacity and not investing in the infrastructure required to maintain a personalized experience for clients as they expand beyond their means,” Kittner said. “We are careful to not pursue growth just for growth’s sake. As we expand geographically, we will remain focused on a client-first infrastructure to fuel steady, long-term growth that empowers us to invest in our world-class client experience.”

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