If the Johnson Team at Moneta promises something in one week, we like to deliver in one day. This lets you know that we are actively involved and ready to address any situation that comes your way. The depth and breadth of our service makes us unlike other advisory teams in the industry.

While we guide you through your unique financial situations, you can expect to:

Client First

Our service and advice is always personal and highly customized to your specific needs and goals.


Every interaction is a journey toward trust. We communicate with consistency and clarity, after listening and with respect.

Team Approach

We serve you better together as a team, leveraging our collective expertise to deliver a comprehensive financial action plan and client experience.


We are passionate about helping you navigate life’s path while protecting what you cherish as Your Family CFO. We are emotionally invested in your success.

We make sure we gain a deep understanding of our clients through genuine relationships so we can always serve your best interests as true fiduciaries. When it comes to your needs or goals, we are extremely diligent to cover every base, cross every “T” and dot every “I.” That even includes your family’s next generations. Our team features Advisors across several different age brackets and career stages, ensuring we are equipped to sustain our service to you and your loved ones long into the future.


Pursuing new challenges, rediscovering old passions or maybe just enjoying life’s simple pleasures – no matter how you envision your life in retirement, we can guide you along the way. Stewarding your wealth, transferring it to the next generation and giving back to your community are all important financial decisions that we have the expertise and experience to navigate with you.

Corporate Executives

The more complicated your financial life is, the more attention it deserves. As a corporate executive, you face unique financial planning challenges while also living in a constant time deficit between work and your personal life. We provide both the expertise to manage the complexities of your wealth and the bandwidth to proactively execute your comprehensive, customized financial plan.

Emerging Affluent

Our team serves individuals and families in every stage of the wealth life cycle – including young high earners on track to building lasting wealth. As your dedicated financial advisor, we take time to gain a deep understanding of your financial trajectory. With this trusted relationship in place, we can then help strategically guide you towards your goals while still accounting for your current needs through a personal, customized approach.

Meet our Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a Family CFO – can’t I do it myself?

Some people decide to do their own financial planning. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with understanding the implications of each financial decision you make. We work best when we partner with those that are willing to delegate to our team.

What makes you different form other financial advisors?

Ultimately, we feel our value becomes apparent through the conversations that we have with our clients and catering our services to meet your specific needs. We certainly think we are different, but at the end of the day, that is your determination to make.

Are you a fiduciary?

Yes – As a fiduciary, we are committed to placing your interests above our own and strive to continually reaffirm the trust you place in us.

Do I have to live in St. Louis to work with you?

No – While the majority of our clients have had some sort of tie to St. Louis at one point, we work with several retirees and working professionals around the country.

Is there a fee for an initial meeting with you?

No – Think of our initial meeting as a mutual discovery process. We have no preconceived notions of where the conversation will go.

Should you decide to be a client the fees include comprehensive financial planning in addition to investment advisory services.

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