Lauren Hunt

(314) 244-3376
Lauren Hunt approaches the subject of family finances in an authentic and encouraging way. As a Senior Advisor at Moneta, Lauren stands beside her clients as they strive for an organized, stress-free financial life. She helps manage her client’s financial resources and guides them in keeping emotions out of financial decision making – an otherwise very emotional topic. This helps her clients focus on their long-term financial goals while adjusting their plan as life inevitably changes.

Lauren is a St. Louis native. Working at a local bakery throughout high school opened her eyes to the world of bookkeeping and banking. Lauren graduated from Missouri State University with her Bachelor of Science in Accounting. She went on to earn her Master of Business Administration from University of Missouri – St. Louis. Lauren did not anticipate a career in financial planning until joining Moneta in 2012 allowed her to see how a financial advisors’ role is truly about helping people make sense of the financial world.

Lauren holds herself to the highest ethical standards as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and remains committed to excellence and putting her clients’ best interest first. As the youngest Advisor on the Johnson Team at Moneta, Lauren approaches planning with a fresh set of eyes while absorbing as much information as possible from her peers.

Lauren has a constant desire for personal and professional growth for her and her teammates. She strives to challenge herself towards growth and problem solving. Lauren previously served as the team’s Operations Manager, overseeing all administrative and operative functions of the team. Lauren serves on Moneta’s Talent and Organization Development committee, which functions to deliver professional development and education opportunities for all employees to enhance their skills and grow into their career path.

Lauren lives in St. Charles County with her family and two goldendoodles. She enjoys frequenting Cottleville restaurants and shops, imagining living in an HGTV home and maintaining their wooded property.
  • Accredited Behavioral Financial Professional™