Because your wealth is always in motion.

Wealth is built through motion from generation to generation across families, institutions, and communities. Investing, giving, and planning all lend life to what once was simply money, giving it the power to make a difference.

How can you do more for your family? For your community? And for what matters most? Moneta’s Family Office professionals work with families of means to help them put their wealth in motion.

Bringing Order to Complexity

To manage the dynamics of family wealth, you can’t get caught up in the day-to-day. You need a team with the power to integrate diverse specialized services in support of your goals. Moneta’s Family Office services can help you step back and more clearly see the bigger picture around your family’s needs.

A Depth and Breadth of Experience

Investment and lifestyle management planned giving, family wealth and legacy education, and meeting the challenges of intergenerational wealth are some of the skills we bring to support your success. Unlike many other firms serving families, our dedicated family office team customizes your experience to fit your unique needs.

Intentionally Independent

Your wealth and your goals are too important to be influenced by outside interests. Not only are we a fiduciary, pledged to manage your assets for your benefit, not ours, but we also are 100% partner-owned, without outside investors. This allows us the freedom to build a client-first culture and resources that go beyond most RIAs.

Moneta Family Office, a specialized team within Moneta, is the premier ​choice for families of substantial wealth and complex needs.​ Backed by the depth and robust resources of a top Barron’s-ranked RIA*, ​our team is built on deep expertise and offers a bespoke experience to meet ​your unique and ever-changing needs.

Significant wealth creates complexity and nuance. We act as your thought partner and quarterback to simplify and coordinate that complexity.

Our experienced and expert family office team provides proactive service and objective advice in every facet of your life, affording you and your family peace of mind for generations.

A Wealth of Information

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