The rapplean team

We designed our team with the specific needs of clients like you in mind.

Maggie’s Story: Your Partner and Trusted Guide

The passion behind my journey in financial planning and partnership at Moneta is truly a love story.

When I lost my father to cancer at an early age, my mom was hit with the financial shock of navigating the many complexities of managing wealth. Watching this taught me the importance of financial literacy and the value of a trusted guide, which brought me into my career as a financial p.

Care of clients was always what drove me while serving on the Moneta Advisory Services Team. The more I learned about my clients, the more ideas I had about how I would design my own team to focus on them and their specific needs. That is why I became a Partner at Moneta.

Our mission is to empower our clients to make good financial decisions in line with their long term goals and values.

We help our clients find peace through financial freedom.

Welcome to the Rapplean Team at Moneta: a team built for you.

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