personal CFO

You’ve already built a great foundation. It’s our job to take what you’ve created and advise you in ways to help it grow into everything you dream of…and more. And, at Moneta, we have the level of knowledge and experience to help high-net-worth families, like yours, at any stage in life.

We partner with our clients to mutually develop and implement personalized strategic financial planning solutions including those services listed below and other key financial matters unique to each client.

Investment Management

Your portfolio management goals are our top priority

  • Objective quantitative & qualitative analysis
  • Strategy based on modern portfolio theory
  • Ongoing monitoring/ rebalancing

Retirement Planning

How much and when? We help you answer the key retirement questions

  • Transitioning from the working world, counseling for the next step
  • Tax-efficiency of withdrawals & ongoing financial analysis

Education Planning

Helping you plan for your family’s academic future

  • Education funding sufficiency analysis
  • Assessment of funding strategies
  • Continuous investment evaluation

Tax & Accounting Services

We make the mundane aspects of managing your finances easier

  • Tax Planning
  • Coordinate tax return preparation and estimated payments
  • Bookkeeping & bill paying services

Business Planning

We provide seamless advice for both family and business issues

  • Retirement plan design, administration & communication
  • Coordinate valuation services
  • Buy/ Sell agreements
  • Business continuation & succession planning

Banking & Cash Management

Our relationships with external institutions simplify your financial life.

  • Coordinate with bankers & trust departments
  • Loans/ Mortgages
  • Cash Management

Estate & Philanthropic Strategies

We counsel you on the most difficult and emotional decisions you face.

  • Estate & multigenerational planning
  • Review documents & beneficiary designations
  • Effective wealth transfer & estate conservation techniques
  • Exploration of charitable intents

Intergenerational Planning

Whether you are a giver or a recipient, we take a keen interest in securing your financial future.

  • Planning for the seamless transfer of assets
  • Providing guidance for college planning
  • Advice for next generation on building and managing their wealth

Insurance Planning

All aspects of your financial universe are considered.

  • Independent broker/ product selection
  • Life, health, disability & long-term care
  • Property & casualty/umbrella assessment

Thought leadership