The Compardo, Wienstroer & Janes Team

We’re focused on one thing: helping you make the most of everything life has to offer.

Multigenerational Advisors

Whether you’ve already built a strong foundation or are well on your way to establishing the kind of wealth you dream of, we’re here to take all that you’ve accomplished and advise you in ways to grow it into a legacy for you, your family and generations to follow.

Family Office

Resources to help you define, grow and protect your family enterprise for generations to come.

Athletes & Entertainers

Your talent got you where you are. Ours will help you grow and protect what you earn.

Personal CFO

You’ve made all the right moves so far. We can help you create a playbook to grow your success.

Empowered by Moneta’s large-scale resources, we have the unique ability to focus entirely on making your goals and desires a reality. Whether that requires a day-to-day focus on the details that are most important to you, or an understanding of the bigger picture needs that you hope to achieve. We have everything it takes to help your financial story unfold.

Thought leadership