St. Louis Area Property Tax Relief: A Quick Guide

Senior Tax Strategist – Abby Donnellan, CPA

Are you a senior homeowner in St. Louis City, County, or St. Charles County? All three areas offer property tax relief programs for qualifying seniors*. This blog will give you a quick rundown of eligibility requirements and application details.

St. Louis City
  • Age: 62 or older by September 1st of the current year
  • Social Security: Eligible for Social Security benefits with at least 40 credits (doesn’t matter if you’re currently receiving them)
  • Residency: Live in your home as your primary residence for more than half the year
  • Property Value: Appraised market value of your property on the most recent assessment must be under $500,000
  • Application: Apply online or by mail. See additional requirements and download the application here:
  • Deadline: Applications are due annually by June 30th
St. Louis County
  • Age: 67 or older
  • Property Value: Home value must be less than $550,000
  • Application: No application details available yet. The St. Louis County website has not been updated yet. Keep checking for updates!
  • UPDATE as of 5/1/2024*: The Property Tax Credit Bill, also known as the Senior Property Tax Freeze, was approved by the Saint Louis County Council in October 2023. However, as of this morning the County Council only partially allocated funds to implement this new program and application process. Without full funding, this program will not be ready to launch in 2024.  You are encouraged to share your thoughts with your Councilmember. You can find their contact information on the County Council page. Meanwhile, Saint Louis County is developing the application process, which will be communicated to the public via various media platforms once funding for the program is approved by the County Council. It is expected to be available in July of 2024.
St. Charles County
  • Age: 62 or older by January 1st of the current year
  • Ownership Proof: Must have a copy of your deed to prove ownership
  • Application: Apply online or request a paper application in person or by mail. See additional requirements here:
  • Deadline: Applications are due annually by June 30th

These senior property tax relief programs can help in managing your housing costs, allowing you to spend that money on the things that matter most. Deadlines can change, so always confirm before submitting your application.

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