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Patrick Duff


Moneta Partner Patrick Duff earned his B.S. in Business from University of Missouri-Columbia in 1981 where he was awarded a full ride scholarship to play football. Prior to joining Moneta, Pat spent ten years working for the IBM Corporation in corporate marketing and finance. He joined Moneta in 1994.

As a family CFO, Pat strives to earn clients’ trust by always acting in their best interest and helping them make decisions that will allow them to exceed their financial goals over a lifetime. Drawing on over 26 years of experience, Pat has seen clients go through every phase of their lifetime journey; kids, college, business career, retirement, and long-term care decisions. He uses this experience to guide clients through the emotional highs and lows of being a long-term investor. Since each investor’s goals and circumstances vary considerably, Pat has built a strong team over the years with varied backgrounds to support his clients.

As a former competitive athlete, Pat understands the importance of a high performing team. Each member of his team plays equally important roles – the team cannot function at elite levels without mutual respect, high level skills, great culture, and commitment to excellent client service. Pat spends a significant amount of time on team culture and education thus resulting in the Duff Torney team having some of the longest tenured staff at the firm.

As the past Chair of the Investment Committee, Pat’s expertise gravitates towards investments. Pat served on the investment committee at Moneta for over 5 years. Pat’s day to day role on the team is to develop and grow clients relationships, analyze new investment opportunities, make sure the client plan is on course, set team strategy and culture, and help develop and mentor the members of his team.

Outside of his work at Moneta, Pat is an active member of his community. He also enjoys traveling, fine wine, hiking National Parks, spending weekends on his farm, collecting old coins and pocket watches. He and his wife have two children.

Former Board Affiliations: Treasurer for Fellowship of Christian Athletes for 20 years, Treasurer of Bethany Christian Services for 5 years, and former Board member of Life Crisis Services.

  • Financial Planning Association
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Treasurer
  • Bethany Christian Service, former Treasurer

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