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Ingrid Lee

Senior Advisor

With more than a decade of experience on the Kukla McGinnis Brown Team at Moneta, Ingrid Lee helps clients meet their long-term life goals while implementing strategies on their behalf and providing them with a sense of security and wellbeing.

Money can be one of the most private parts of anyone’s life, so Ingrid makes it a priority to develop a trusting relationship with clients to fully understand their perspective and needs. This is core to her comprehensive financial planning process, which includes financial and retirement planning, investments, tax and estate planning.

Behavioral finance is becoming an ever-larger part of the planning process and it is a large driver of success for any financial planning component. Ingrid believes that talking through issues which affect decision making with a client is time well spent and leads to long term success. Making sure clients feel educated and confident about their financial path is one of her main goals in any client relationship.

Ingrid earned her B.S. in Economics from Smith College. She spent her junior year abroad in the Economics Department at London School of Economics. After graduation, she joined the Kukla McGinnis Brown Team in 2009.

Outside of work, Ingrid is an avid tennis player and has made it to the USTA League 3.5 sectionals and nationals with her team. Ingrid loves spending time outside, reading and travelling with her husband and their two kids.

  • Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst

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