Debbie Reimer
Debbie Reimer serves as Executive Assistant to Moneta Partners Gene Diederich and Al Simmons, managing their schedules to maintain well-balanced lives while keeping them organized, informed and on task with client initiatives. She thrives as an event planner, ensuring all details are buttoned up for board meetings, retreats and employee events. The role allows her to interact with everyone at Moneta, and she also develops close relationships with clients through the regular touchpoint of scheduling their reviews.

Debbie has more than 12 years of experience as an Executive Assistant in the financial services industry. She brings a high degree of professionalism, energy, experience and fun to her client and team relationships.

Prior to joining Moneta in 2008, Debbie worked as a corporate receptionist for the Bryant Group. She earned her B.S. degree in Criminal Science from Truman State University.

Debbie and her husband, Jim, enjoy exploring neighborhoods in St. Louis, especially as it relates to the history of the area, ethnic makeup, local cuisine, local shops and what defines the community.