Moneta foundation

Transformational Giving

Empowering people to navigate life’s path and protect what they cherish is our “why” at Moneta. We see philanthropy and charitable giving as essential features for advancing our community. For 20+ years, Moneta’s Charitable Foundation has led the giving of our employees’ time and talent to those who need it most. We also help guide our clients and their families in creating a legacy that aligns with their “why,” moving from transactional to transformational giving.

20+ years of investing in our community

Since 1999, the Moneta Charitable Foundation (MCF) has supported the communities we serve, giving back more than $4 million total to date to more than 300 nonprofit organizations. MCF is funded entirely by our employees’ generous donations and backed by Moneta Momentum Service Days, granting all 400+ employees a work day off to participate in meaningful service projects in their community.

When MCF awards a grant, it gives more than just a check. Our employees also give their time and talent by serving those organizations and the people they reach with financial advice and financial education. 

As financial advisors, empowering people to navigate their life’s path, MCF has a focused effort on helping young adults build sound financial habits by understanding money as part of their high school education. Moneta sponsors in-classroom financial education programming, financial wellness panels, and hands-on service projects to improve financial literacy and financial life choices from a young age.

“At Moneta, giving back is a valued tradition. Each year, Moneta Nation bands together to drive change within the community. Our employees generously invest their hard-earned dollars back into their community, and they also give their time and energy to make a positive impact as well.” –Eric Kittner, Moneta CEO and Chairman