The ultimate guide to

Choosing a professional to entrust with your financial wellbeing and legacy can feel overwhelming. The person or team you choose will likely become a fixture in the lives of your family members – someone called upon to create a framework for your life goals, as well as for advice at each financial fork in the road.

What’s Included?

We’ve compiled essential insight about the industry so you confidently make the best choice for your specific situation.

Do you even need a financial planner?

Spoiler alert: not everyone does!

Demystifying the finance industry

People with a variety of expertise areas can use the title “financial advisor.”

Understanding employment models

Independent vs. captive broker dealers, bank affiliates, trust companies, and RIAs…oh my!

How are financial planners paid?

And why that matters to you.

Titles & credentials

Which ones are the most important?

How to research financial planners online

Website links and what to look for…

10 best interview questions to ask financial planners

Ask challenging questions before you commit.

Understand the framework for your financial success.

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As Your Family CFO, we are financial advisors for life’s big decisions. No matter what stage you’re at on your wealth journey, we go to great lengths to build a better, closer relationship with you. That means that you can expect exceptional personal attention, access to in-house expertise and a proven track record of real-world solutions. The depth and breadth of our service is what separates us from our competition.