Forbes spotlights Moneta Partner Diane Compardo among nation’s Top Women Wealth Advisors

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Moneta Partner Diane Compardo featured in Forbes

Forbes ranked Moneta Partner Diane Compardo 1st in Missouri and 40th in the nation on its 2020 list of the Top Women’s Wealth Advisors, marking her fourth consecutive year on the list. Of the 1,000 women ranked this year, Forbes featured her as one of six advisors interviewed for the series.

As the founding Partner for Compardo, Wienstroer, Conrad & Janes at Moneta, Compardo delivers world-class expertise in designing, implementing and monitoring optimal solutions to meet the complex financial needs of multigenerational, successful families. Her ranking by Forbes considered both qualitative and quantitative criteria, including in-person interviews, industry experience, compliance records, revenue and assets under management.

“Our primary focus is always on serving our client families and it is rewarding to be recognized among these accomplished women,” Compardo said.

For the spotlight feature accompanying the rankings, Forbes reporter Jason Bisnoff posed some timely questions about navigating volatile markets and the biggest challenges facing her business.

“We do great education with our clients in terms of volatility, markets and historical perspectives,” Compardo said in the interview with Forbes. “So, all of our clients have been very open to buying little pieces into the market to take advantage of the dislocation we’ve seen with regards to the virus. I don’t know where this is going to end, how deep we’re going to get, but I still think it is an opportunity to put some dollars back in. When you look at the profile of clients we have, many of them are retired, many of them are getting close to retirement, so we do have a solid amount of dollars that are sitting in defensive assets. When getting close to retirement, I usually have them carry about 10 years of cash flow in defensive assets. That is something that they can really hang on to right now in terms of this volatility.”


“I spent the last eight years building what I want to see as a sustainable practice. I’ve been wanting to build something where I’m raising up my succession plan in multiple ways. That’s one thing that I’ve really been focused on. I have some really great people behind me. It’s exciting to watch them grow and become successful advisors under my counsel and the counsel of all the peers around me… I’ve seen too many of my peers retire without a plan and I was really concerned about that.”

To read the entire spotlight feature on Forbes’ website, click here.

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