in your greatest asset – your business.

“5 Ways to Accelerate the Value of Your Business”

Attain Clarity

As challenging as it has been for you to build your business, transitioning the business – whether a generational transfer, a management buy-out, or an outright sale – can be equally or even more challenging. No matter if you’re actively growing the business or approaching a transition in the near future, we will help you think through the key factors that matter most.  We are financial advisors with expertise in helping business owners align their personal or family goals with those of their business for the long-term benefit of all stakeholders – owners, family members, key employees, and professional advisors. We are dedicated to ensuring that you realize the value that you have worked so hard to build at a time that fits into your overall life plan.

Make Value Decisions

We will help you create a plan to help you make decisions today to attain the most value from your business tomorrow.

Control Structure & Timing

We ensure that you are financially and legally prepared from the start to give you greater control over how and when you want to exit or transition the business.

Plan for Personal Impact

We recognize how personal a business is and help protect you with contingency plans to ensure your well-being and the business are protected.

Have you had a formal written business valuation completed within the last two years? If not, WHY not? A business is, on average, 80 – 90% of an owner’s net worth. As such, a valuation is the most critical, most foundational information piece that an owner can secure. That single document drives ALL personal and family financial planning, informs your short-to-intermediate strategic planning, and positions you to have better, more meaningful conversations with all of your major stakeholders – family, business partners, key employees, and professional service advisors.

Income is often defined as net earnings or, as is often the case in a valuation scenario, it’s quantified in terms of cash flow or EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation & Amortization. But real enterprise value is determined by the strength and transferability of the company’s intangible assets – its employees, culture, processes, and customers. It’s, oftentimes, the intangible assets that, ultimately, determine both the sustainability and the realizability of business value. How do measure or strengthen these key areas over time?

One of the most often overlooked and neglected components of an owner’s comprehensive plan. 50% of all owners will be impacted by the 5 D’s – death, disability, divorce, distress, and disagreement. It’s one thing to have ideas about how your business will transition or how it might function in the face of disruption or, even worse, your absence, but it’s quite another to have it formalized in a legal document and shared with your major stakeholders.

When do you plan on exiting or transitioning the business? How much do you need to meet your retirement goals? Is your financial future dependent upon extracting value from the business at the time of your exit or transition? What are the tax implications of an exit or transition? Do you have an estate plan that will minimize taxes, maximize asset protection, and ensure that your loved ones are adequately supported? What will you do after exiting or transitioning out of the business to position yourself to lead a life of meaning and purpose in retirement? These are all questions that a comprehensive financial plan will address and answer.

Matt Sallaberry not only has 20+ years of experience in helping business owners achieve their business and personal financial objectives, but he also has the certifications to be an industry leader. He assists business owners in identifying, protecting, building, harvesting and, ultimately, managing the value of what is typically a business owner’s largest asset – the business itself.

His experience can be your advantage. With a B.S. in Finance, extensive experience in commercial lending and now as a financial planner, he has the expertise to help you think through and plan for the important decisions, unique to business owners. 

  • Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)
  • Independence Center, Board of Directors
  • Marquette University Alumni Club of St. Louis, President
  • 2016 40 Under 40 Award Recipient, St. Louis Business Journal

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