Using Behavioral Finance to Improve Outcomes for Retirement Plan Participants

Advisors, have you ever felt frustrated after giving retirement plan participants all the information and tools they need, only to watch them make decisions that are not in their own best interest?

Moneta’s Participant Engagement Consultant, Kelli Grelles, was featured by 401(k) Specialist Magazine after discussing how advisors can influence participant success by gaining a deeper understanding of how human beings make decisions.

Grelles hosted a session of the Excel 401(k) 2020 Digital Series, titled, “Using Behavioral Finance to Improve Employee Outcomes.” Below is a quote from the story that followed.

“We are not trying to tell people what to do. We are trying to help them make their decision,” Grelles said. “It’s really tempting to tell them what to do, so that you don’t have to watch them struggle through the process. But the process is important, because it’s really important that that decision is theirs.”


“If you’ve ever been the one that goes out there and tells a room full of Millennials they need to skip their morning coffee, you know how that goes over. People don’t like being told what to do. They don’t like being told how to spend their money. They don’t like being criticized for decisions that they’ve made.”

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