Who we are.

Meet our Team

Moneta’s internal investment department provides extensive experience in capital market activities including trading, research, asset allocation and manager due diligence. Our investment team is augmented by a Top 30 established global research group of 30+ CFA® charterholders, conducting 1,000+ research meetings annually. In addition, 14 of Moneta’s employees also have CFA credentials. You can meet with our team of experts for advice on the trading and construction of portfolios. We also leverage the latest technology including the iCapital Platform for alternative investment solutions. Moneta’s in-house fixed income trading team gives our clients the advantage of core bonds trades with no additional fees; in 2020 our team executed 16,320 individual trades and positioned $3.7 billion in new fixed income securities. All this comes with the flexibility to negotiate trades with 14 different broker dealer partners.

Management Team

At Moneta, we fully embrace a collaborative approach to planning your financial success. What this looks like in practice is a team of specialized experts working together to comprehensively serve you as our client. No one person can be the best at everything, so we built a management team of talented individuals who are experts in their respective field. This equips our firm with specialized expertise in a wide range of topics ranging from technology, investments and law. Together, this team leverages strategic planning, operational efficiency, human capital and financial management to deliver an exceptional level of service our clients deserve. This also empowers our financial advisors, like myself, to spend more time and energy doing what we do best and love most: proactively helping clients plan for and work to achieve their financial goals.

Moneta’s in-house estate planning and tax experts do the complicated and time-consuming work of keeping up with all the latest legal nuances so our advisors can confidently serve their clients on these fronts. Providing clients with optimal advice about estate plans and taxes requires specialized expertise. Our team brings the education and credentials necessary to accurately interpret and communicate changes to the law. Our advisors can consult with these experts at any time, whether they need to gain a high-level understanding of something new or navigate specific circumstances for a client.

Moneta’s collaborative approach to planning your financial success is also reflected in our team of 47 Partners. If any one of us comes across a complex situation, we can tap into the vast collective knowledge and expertise of our partnership. Along with more than 100 advisors supporting those partners, Moneta’s team features 150+ employees with at least one professional designation. Our 240+ total designations span across 38 unique credentials including CFPs, CPAs, JDs, and CFAs. There’s power in numbers that we possess here as a firm.