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Samriti Dhingra

Senior Advisor

As a CFP® professional, Samriti helps her clients plan for their most important financial goals. What qualifies as an important financial goal is different for each client – Samriti learned this experiencing different cultures as she grew up in the Middle East and also lived in Canada, the UK, and now the US. Samriti wears a lot of hats – she is a full-time professional, wife and mother – so she appreciates the value she brings to clients; helping them through their financial worries frees up time to focus on what matters most to them. Most of her clients are physicians so she spends a lot of time discussing debt management, strategies to build and preserve wealth, options to protect assets from lawsuits, and ideas to raise children responsible for stewarding wealth.

Samriti earned her Master’s degree in International Banking and Finance from Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom – being a daughter of a Treasurer, Samriti naturally gravitated towards a career in Finance. Her first job after school was as a project analyst with HSBC, U.K. where she loved her work, but missed the hot drier weather. She later got married, moved to St. Louis and joined the Duff Torney Team at Moneta in 2007. The best part of her job is helping others navigate the financial complexities to achieve financial independence with the right strategic tools.

Samriti moved her family to Phoenix in 2011, where they fell in love with the landscape, the people and weather. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, hiking and spending time with her daughter who loves playing the piano and is working towards her first degree black belt.

  • MBA, International Banking, Sheffield Hallam University

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