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Lauren S. Young


Lauren Young holds a degree in Business Administration from Gonzaga University with concentrations in Finance and Marketing, and is a Certified Financial Planner with over fifteen years of experience in wealth management, including financial planning, trust and estate planning, and more, serving clients ranging from ultra high net worth individuals, and their heirs, to young professionals just beginning to establish themselves financially, to teens just beginning to grasp the foundational aspects of financial literacy. 

Of her career, Lauren says, “I love considering all of the available wealth management tools and strategies to build and implement plans that best meet the needs and values of each client that I get to know and work with. And I especially love working across generations within families. Creating a workshop specifically to help the children of clients begin to understand wealth management, growth, and preservation, and supporting clients in that way has been an absolute highlight for me.” 

She and her husband live in Colorado, with their two children, where they love bike riding, gardening, and playing sports.  

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