Moneta Strengthens Family Office Services

As Moneta continues to expand and evolve its Family Office services, the firm is focused on adding talent and expertise to empower more sophisticated offerings.

Moneta recently added Senior Family Office Advisor Heather Kline, who joins the firm with more than 30 years of financial and business experience. She most recently served as the Chief Client Officer at a multi-generational single-family office and private trust company.

“The demand for family office services is predicted to continue to grow rapidly over the next five years,” said Moneta CEO Eric Kittner. “Moneta’s breadth and depth of expertise has always been attractive to families needing these specialized offerings, and Heather is part of our continued dedication to multi-family office services.”

According to Arizton Advisory Intelligence, the global family office market is expected to grow from $14.87 billion to $21.11 billion in revenue between 2021 and 20261. Usually consisting of a team dedicated to a single, often extended family, such offices handle investment, wealth, and lifestyle management, with a goal of effectively growing and transferring wealth across generations.

“By leveraging the experience found across our advisor teams as well as our unique middle-and-back -office capabilities, we provide what I believe is a unique mix of personalization and resources,” Moneta President and COO Keith Bowles said. “The Senior Family Office Advisor role is one way Moneta supports those families looking for a customized and comprehensive suite of services along with dedicated wealth management.”

“Moneta provides a dedicated team of experienced professionals who work together to serve each family,” added Kline. “This ensures that all aspects of their financial planning are integrated and coordinated, including investment management, tax planning, risk management, and other areas important to the family’s overall financial health. Beyond helping families achieve their financial, personal, and philanthropic goals, we also help them build a legacy and strong foundation for future generations.”


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