Moneta in the News: July 2021

There’s no summer slowdown at Moneta! From personal finance to investment strategies and market movements, a number of our team members have been busy offering their thoughts in key national and industry publications throughout the month of July.

Check out the media highlights below for our expert insight:

MarketWatch: I’m a 55-year-old single mom adopting a teenager. I have $550,000 in my retirement account, make $295,00 a year but would like to retire early. Can I?

  • Brooke Hunady, CFP® and Partner, provided personalized advice in reporter Alessandra Malito’s ‘Help Me Retire’ column about factors to consider before retiring early.

Investor’s Business Daily: The future of the financial planning industry depends on new blood

  • Our CEO and Chairman of the Board Eric Kittner discussed his personal experience paving a career path. Eric also touched on considerations for young professionals entering the field and factors driving industry consolidation.

Forbes Advisor: Balanced fund: A hands-off approach to a diversified portfolio

  • In this article, Investment Consultant Chris Kamykowski presented the benefits and risks of investing in a balanced fund for young investors.

Forbes Advisor: Retirement planning: How to start a retirement fund

  • CFP® Maggie Rapplean spoke with reporter Carla Fried on best practices to follow when starting a retirement fund. Specifically, Maggie emphasized the importance of identifying a healthy savings rate and automating contributions.


CNBC Select: Here’s where to put your money when saving up for your kid’s college education

  • CFP® Kristi Borglum explained why a 529 savings plan is often the most effective option for parents who are saving for their children’s higher education needs. Kristi detailed the plan’s benefits and flexibility at length, including how the funds can be distributed if they are ultimately not needed for college expenses.

Barron’s Advisor: The big Q: What tech has most improved your practice?

  • In this piece, Partner Patrick McGinnis described how Moneta leverages advisor technology to optimize workflows and enable the team to focus on cultivating client relationships.

 MoneyGeek: Should I pay off my mortgage or invest the money?

  • Drawing on his client-facing financial planning experience, Advisor Brian Hires provided an in-depth explanation on how to weigh the pros and cons of paying off a mortgage or investing those funds.

 MoneyGeek: Best student credit cards of 2021

  • Advisor Amanda Schmidt offered insight on proper credit card usage guidelines for students who are new cardholders. She explained how to compare cards and addressed ways in which international or immigrant students can establish credit despite the challenges they may face.

 TD Ameritrade Network: Portfolio management: Considerations when allocating assets

  • Aoifinn Devitt, Chief Investment Officer, joined host Nicole Petallides in a live segment to discuss best practices for long-term allocation. Aoifinn also analyzed Moneta’s various portfolio models and trends she’s watching in the market.

Financial Advisor Magazine: Tax planners brace for fierce IRS enforcement push

  • Partner Diane Compardo outlined the IRS’ recently announced plans for more stringent tax enforcement and their potential implications for the future of the tax system.

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