Moneta in the News: August 2021

Our team’s been busy the past month offering readers, listeners, and viewers their perspective on various timely topics top-of-mind for our clients.

See below for a roundup of August’s media highlights with our experts’ insights:

Fortune: Your credit score might be fluctuating. What to know before you freak out

  • James Chalmers, CFP®, AIF® and Senior Advisor, discussed the danger of “buy now, pay later” tools in reporter Amena Saad’s article regarding recent credit score fluctuations. James explained how emotions come into play when the opportunity to pay in smaller increments is presented.

Money: Freezing your eggs can cost up to $15,000. Here are strategies to help pay for it

  • In this article, CFP®, CPA and Advisor Trevor Stone offered tips for navigating the financial implications of various fertility treatments.

Bloomberg Radio: The outlook on real estate (podcast)

  • The Delta variant of COVID-19, inflation and ESG investing are all major players in recent market movements. Our Chief Investment Officer Aoifinn Devitt explained how in this segment. *Aofinn joins at 20:53 The U.S. now has more job openings than any time in history

  • Following the release of the June jobs report, turned to our Chief Investment Officer Aoifinn Devitt for her perspective on how wage increases could cause even further inflation.

Barron’s Advisor: Kids turning 18? Here’s what advisors say parents need to know

  • J.D., AEP®, CFP® and Partner Julie Thomas Sward provided strategies for parents to consider when preparing for their children’s transition into financial adulthood in this piece written by reporter Cheryl Winokur Munk. Julie suggests parents keep an open dialogue with children and schedule meetings with an advisor to go over financial wellness best practices.

U.S. News & World Report: Are brokerage accounts taxed?

  • As a CPA, CFP® and Advisor, Matt Erker has extensive knowledge behind the tax guidelines of different brokerage accounts. That’s why reporter Coryanne Hicks turned to him for expert insight on how the accounts are taxed and strategies to minimize it.

Barron’s Advisor: What to do if you got a child tax credit — but didn’t want it

  • The child tax credit rollout drove an abundance of client questions. CFP®, CPA and Senior Advisor Cynthia Kirkpatrick shared her three-pronged approach to helping clients navigate the tax implications of the credit in reporter Sabrina Escobar’s article.

GOBankingRates: What tax implications do you need to look into when a family member dies?

  • Our CFP®, CPA and Partner Nicole Bailey offered her insight in reporter Gabrielle Olya’s article about how to help family members navigate the financial aspects of losing a loved one.

Fox 2 News: How to always have an emergency savings fund prepared

  • Travis Freeman, CFP® and Partner, explained how much money individuals should set aside for an emergency fund and how to kick-start saving on Fox 2 Now news.

Financial Planning: Lessons from the brink

  • Aoifinn Devitt, our Chief Investment Officer, shared key investing strategies for advisors drawn from her extensive background in the space. A few tips include performing regular portfolio cleanups, building inflation protection and staying true to the broader mission.

CheddarTV: Investors concerned over Fed rate hikes following a record-breaking week from S&P 500

  • In this segment, our Chief Investment Officer Aoifinn Devitt shared her perspective on how various current events throughout the globe are impacting market sentiment.

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