Mental Health First Aid at Moneta: Taking care of each other so we can take care of you

Mental health became a top-of-mind issue during the Covid pandemic, and it stands as one of the four pillars of Moneta’s Wellness Commitment Program: Well Moneta. 

As an increasing number of people struggle with mental health, Moneta provides Mental Health First Aid to take care of its employees so they can take the best care of their clients. Mental Health First Aid is a certificate program from the National Council for Mental Wellbeing to promote conversation and reduce stigma around mental wellbeing. 

“Knowing that more than 20 million Americans experience a mental health challenge in any given year tells us that it is a high probability that we will encounter someone in our lives that will have a mental health challenge,” said Anthony Palazzolo, Moneta’s Director of Strategic Planning & Performance Management. “For members of Moneta to have the tools to be aware of early signs and symptoms will be invaluable to the health of our clients and employees of Moneta. In addition, the people that have completed the mental health first aid course walk away with the skills learned to be the first line of support to the person in need using the action plan provided.” 

The training consisted of both online coursework and eight hours of in-person interactive training with participants gaining skills in identifying, understanding, and responding to signs of mental health and substance use disorders. Those who earn the certification can help remove barriers to care, such as cost, stigma, logistics, and lack of awareness.   

“It’s a testament to the commitment that Moneta and its leaders have to our talent,” said Jessica Rallo, Moneta’s Human Resource Manager. “We are committed to arming ourselves with the knowledge needed to support our most important asset.”  

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