Yes, You Can Have Both.

Do More. Become an Advisor with Moneta.

Moneta is one of the nation’s largest independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) now partnering with financial advisors who want to enhance their client service by completely reframing what it means to be an independent entrepreneur. You don’t have to give up ownership and control of your business to be part of something bigger. At Moneta, you benefit and grow from the dynamic resources of our large-scale platform, owned and built by advisors for advisors, while maintaining the freedom of an independent business owner.

Moneta teams operate independently, with their own P&L, but work alongside each other, sharing expertise, ideas and experience to better serve clients. Our entrepreneurial spirit is strong. Our institutional knowledge is empowering. We share a common vision and the resources to get us there.

Amanda Barrale, Moneta’s Chief Platform Officer, was featured on The COO Roundtable podcast to discuss how her team supports advisors so they can focus on what they love and do best – while delegating what they don’t.

“We want to make sure that they have time for practice management, that they’re not so tied down in actual practice operations,” Barrale said during the podcast.

Barrale outlines how advisors at Moneta maintain ownership and control over their practice with autonomy while plugging into the firm’s immense resources and reputation – which empower them to grow their business much faster than they could on their own.
“How can Moneta support you in your endeavor of growing your practice and growing your business the way that you want to? Our operational offerings for those firms are built to really solve a lot of those pain points. We have our back office structured as such that these firms will have access to, not only compliance resources, marketing, investment, research, and diligence, you have also the facilitation of onboarding a client,” Barrale said during the podcast.

Click on the image below. You can also see a full transcript of the podcast by clicking here.

Practice Management Model


Human Capital

Acquire, develop and organize the best talent with our recruiting team and Moneta University’s comprehensive career resources.

Financial Management

Benchmark your team’s financial performance to understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


Gain the advantage of centralized processes and resources.


Focus your team’s goals and strategies around a vision and value proposition.

Supported by Moneta’s Enterprise Service Team (EST)

Running the middle- and back-office of an RIA requires more time, cost and risk than ever. Moneta’s centralized Enterprise Service Team (EST) not only handles many of those challenges for you, but also maximizes efficiencies and differentiates your services. Our EST of nearly 80 industry professionals with specialized expertise is committed to providing a level of service that advisors can’t find anywhere else so advisors can do the same for their clients. We are uniquely qualified to design and deliver this platform. Our client service teams have worked together from a single location for more than 30 years. Now at 23 teams, our extensive experience and concentration of institutional knowledge gives us a powerful perspective on what clients want and advisors need.



Technology & Cybersecurity


Human Resources & Talent Development

Business Systems

Back Office Support

Accounting & finance

Data Analytics

Estate & Tax Consulting

Moneta Advisors

Moneta is an independent registered investment advisor (RIA). We are fiduciaries and 100% objective. We operate and advise clients without bias. We are backed by the resources, security and longevity of a large firm, but still maintain entrepreneurial independence across teams. We have the freedom to leverage a large and diverse set of solutions for our clients. We are a client-first firm–always.


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