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Large-scale resources. Entrepreneurial independence.

Yes, you can have both.

Do More. Become an Advisor with Moneta.

Moneta is one of the nation’s largest independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) now partnering with financial advisors who want to enhance their client service by completely reframing what it means to be an independent entrepreneur. You don’t have to give up ownership and control of your business to be part of something bigger. At Moneta, you benefit and grow from the dynamic resources of our large-scale platform, owned and built by advisors for advisors, while maintaining the freedom of an independent business owner.

Moneta teams operate independently, with their own P&L, but work alongside each other, sharing expertise, ideas and experience to better serve clients. Our entrepreneurial spirit is strong. Our institutional knowledge is empowering. We share a common vision and the resources to get us there.

Practice Management Model

Four Key Pillars

Human Capital

Acquire, develop and organize the best talent with our recruiting team and Moneta University’s comprehensive career resources.

Financial Management

Benchmark your team’s financial performance to understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


Gain the advantage of centralized processes and resources.


Focus your team’s goals and strategies around a vision and value proposition.

Supported by Moneta’s Enterprise Service Team (EST)

Running the middle- and back-office of an RIA requires more time, cost and risk than ever. Moneta’s centralized Enterprise Service Team (EST) not only handles many of those challenges for you, but also maximizes efficiencies and differentiates your services. Our EST of nearly 80 industry professionals with specialized expertise is committed to providing a level of service that advisors can’t find anywhere else so advisors can do the same for their clients. We are uniquely qualified to design and deliver this platform. Our client service teams have worked together from a single location for more than 30 years. Now at 23 teams, our extensive experience and concentration of institutional knowledge gives us a powerful perspective on what clients want and advisors need.

Moneta Advisors

Moneta is an independent registered investment advisor (RIA). We are fiduciaries and 100% objective. We operate and advise clients without bias. We are backed by the resources, security and longevity of a large firm, but still maintain entrepreneurial independence across teams. We have the freedom to leverage a large and diverse set of solutions for our clients. We are a client-first firm–always.

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Moneta’s internal investment department provides extensive experience in capital market activities including trading, research, asset allocation and manager due diligence. Our investment team is augmented by a Top 30 established global research team of 30+ Certified Financial Analysts (CFAs). Combined, the team conducts 1,000+ research meetings annually. You can meet with our team of experts for advice on the trading and construction of portfolios. We also leverage the latest technology including the Artivest Platform for alternative investment solutions. Moneta’s in-house fixed income trading team gives our clients the advantage of core bonds trades with no additional fees; in 2018 our team executed 16,000 individual trades and positioned $4.3 billion in new fixed income securities. All this comes with the flexibility to negotiate trades with 14 different broker dealer partners.


Keeping up with the latest compliance rules and regulations is complicated and time consuming. Making mistakes on this front can be incredibly costly. Our expert compliance professionals take that burden off your plate. We focus on protecting clients by ensuring that our teams are acting in their clients’ best interest and in compliance with all the latest legal nuances of laws governing our industry. We educate employees, simplify compliance requirements and assist with interpretation and implementation. All this comes from a refreshing posture of collaboration and problem solving uncommon at competing firms.

Technology & Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks stand among the most significant threats to both advisors and their clients. The world of cyber security evolves at a rapid pace, making it easy to fall behind and become vulnerable if you don’t have the bandwidth to keep up. Lead by internal expert cybersecurity professionals, our strategy focuses on securely enabling new technology and business initiatives while maintaining a relentless focus on protecting your team and the firm from a cyber-attack. Through robust employee awareness and readiness programs, we continually reinforce that cybersecurity is everyone’s job. Advisors routinely rave about the response time, effectiveness and friendliness of our IT professionals. Our technology department keeps systems running smoothly and securely with a level of service that exceeds expectations. Access our private cloud platform creates a “work anywhere, anytime” platform.


Digital marketing and the radical integration of the consumer experience across physical and virtual environments requires specialized expertise and a strategic and measured approach supported by innovative software to stay ahead of the industry. Moneta’s Marketing Department implements a tactical plan at the firm level to increase awareness and trust in the brand. We also help you and your team develop messaging to connect more effectively with the specific audience that matters to you the most. No one team is exactly the same as another, so we offer a spectrum of services and help you navigate which ones make the most sense to accomplish your individual goals. We partner with advisors around communication plans, messaging, social media, content delivery and team web pages to connect with existing and prospective clients.

Human Resources & Talent Development

Our talent is our greatest asset. We recruit the best talent and then we invest in growing and developing it. “Moneta University” is our approach to holistically preparing the next generation of talent to provide world-class client service and lead the firm into the future. The program, which includes CE credits toward CFP certification, provides a robust curriculum focused on technical skills, business development, leadership and the client relationship. In-class and online learning options allow you to navigate your career path at your own pace through a robust experience comprised of multiple forms of education activating multiple learning styles. This targets all generations working at Moneta and their needs. It allows you to see where you are going in your career at Moneta while investing in your development with valuable education and training.

Business Systems

Moneta’s size and scale affords us greater negotiating capabilities than those of an individual RIA. Our laborious due diligence on custodians, vendors, products and all strategic partners ensure your team is operating on the most premiere, secure platform available. Moneta’s technology stack is built on an “enterprise service bus backbone,” which means we can continue to leverage best-in-class vendors without interruption to you or your clients. We have a team dedicated to developing best practices and streamlining consistent processes based on results reporting. Our platform includes integrated systems such as Salesforce, MoneyGuidePro and a proprietary eblast software, among others.

Back Office Support

At Moneta, our focus on best practices across our teams provides the opportunity to centralize consistent processes across teams. Activities like invoicing, onboarding clients, paperwork, manual account management, transaction reporting, held away assets and many more services are included. We bring teams together to develop the most optimized consistent and efficient processes to ensure we provide an exceptional client experience.

Accounting & Finance

Moneta advisors don’t need to spend excessive amounts of time trying to understand the financial picture of their team because our accounting experts do that work for them. While advisors are out growing their business, our accounting experts work behind the scenes to analyze their practice. The information provided by Moneta’s accounting team helps advisors understand the drivers of their business so they can be more opportunistic and proactive. Best practices are shared across all Moneta teams so they can make optimal decisions about when to add people and what kinds of clients to target. It’s a much more personal and customized process than you’ll find elsewhere, giving advisor teams the most autonomy with the most support – personality with scale.

Data Analytics

Our business intelligence professionals empower our advisors and their teams with the data and analysis they need for optimal decision making. They manage data from all our systems and integration partners to create consolidated reporting for metrics insights at both the firm level and team level. Data integrity is audited to ensure consistent reporting across the firm. This team provides expertise in data consolidation, visualization, manipulation and architecture in addition to report design, financial modeling and strategic planning.

Estate Planning & Tax Services

Moneta’s in-house estate planning and tax experts do the complicated and time-consuming work of keeping up with all the latest legal nuances so our advisors can confidently serve their clients on these fronts. Providing clients with optimal advice about estate plans and taxes requires specialized expertise. Our team brings the education and credentials necessary to accurately interpret and communicate changes to the law. Our advisors can consult with these experts at any time, whether they need to gain a high-level understanding of something new or navigate specific circumstances for a client.