A Career at Moneta Gives You More. And Gives Back to the Community. 

“With a mission to foster financial literacy and increase economic access, as well as supporting organizations that help our communities to thrive, the Moneta Charitable Foundation provides grant dollars and amplifies nonprofit service opportunities in the places where we live and work.” 

Eric Kittner, CEO, Moneta 

A job, let alone a career, is more than just day-to-day duties. Without some sense of community, what you do for work can feel like only work, and nothing more.  

Empowering people to navigate life’s path and protect what they cherish is our “why” at Moneta. And since 1999, the Moneta Charitable Foundation (MCF) has supported the communities we serve, giving back more than $4.5 million to more than 450 nonprofit organizations. MCF is funded entirely by our partner and employees’ generous donations and backed by Moneta Momentum Service Days, granting all 400+ employees 8 hours, fully paid, to participate in meaningful service projects of their choosing. 

As financial advisors, empowering people to navigate their life’s path, we know that helping young adults build sound financial habits can boost their overall well-being. Moneta sponsors in-classroom financial education programming, financial wellness panels, and hands-on service projects to improve financial literacy and help young people to make positive life choices. 

If you’re looking for an opportunity to help your career and also your community, let’s talk. 

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