WHO WE Serve

We are financial advisors for successful individuals and families who value their time as much as their money. We empower a variety of clients in all stages of life:

• We put young, high earners on track to building lasting wealth, coaching them on budgeting and bringing key considerations to the forefront they never would have anticipated on their own—from tax-efficiencies to life insurance.

• We help wealthy families protect their success, refine their investments, and provide for the people and causes they care about—sometimes, even doing a little yard work for an elderly widow here and there along the way.

• We simplify the lives of ultra-high net worth families, offering concierge and bill paying services, defining family mission statements and finding tax-smart ways to preserve complex legacies across multiple generations.

• We provide Retirement Plan Consulting Services to businesses and institutions seeking a consultative approach to program development, participant education and investment advisory solutions. Whatever a client’s financial planning needs, Moneta provides a comprehensive, best-fit solution.