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Life’s Big Decisions


We help successful families and individuals secure their current financial wealth and plan for the future they imagine. We develop earning, spending, saving and tax strategies to support that vision. And finally, we take care of the detailed work to implement the plan. We do more for you, so you can do more of what you love.

Impactful Life Events

We know that every client has unique challenges and opportunities. Guiding families through the financial decisions associated with the birth of new children, the death of loved ones and the many joys and trials in between is our passion. Whether you want to send your kids to their dream school, retire early or sell your business, we act as your Family CFO to help get you there.

Stewarding Wealth

Whether you just experienced a sudden increase in earning power or are an established executive, stewarding significant wealth requires an objective perspective. We guide our clients throughout their life’s events in optimizing cash flow and cash positions, while minimizing taxes and interest. Early on we help you guard against risks to your earning potential. Later on, as you approach financial independence, we help you shift the focus to capital preservation and asset protection.

Wealth & Values Transfer

Navigating the topic of wills and inheritance with your children and relatives can be challenging. We can facilitate family meetings to educate the next generation about responsible financial stewardship for you. As for your own decisions, our estate planning specialists ensure you have the optimal strategies and mechanisms in place for secure wealth transfer.

Children & Grandchildren

We empower you to take care of your loved ones through every stage of life. We plan ahead with you for the unexpected and also the expected. Funding education is one of the top expenses weighing on a parent’s mind. It is so important–and costly. We help you navigate the changing regulations and considerations around tools like 529 plans. We are there for our clients through the joys of weddings and the birth of grandchildren along with the trials of family emergencies. We are there when you need us.

Charitable Contributions

From establishing a family foundation to identifying creative and optimal ways to support your most cherished organizations and causes, we guide you through all the complex details that come with significant charitable endeavors and endowment level gifting. As Your Family CFO, we empower you to empower your community.

Personal Retirement

Your retirement plan is unique to you. It is a blend of your personal goals, priorities and desired quality of life, before and after retirement. When developing a retirement plan for our clients, we help you map out the path to get there, and also plan for the unexpected. As life happens, we keep an eye on the plan and help you adjust, as needed.

Business Ownership

We help business owners build custom retirement plans for their employees with a passionate emphasis on improving retirement outcomes for the participants. We are also experienced in advising on business sales and purchases, in addition to many other complex, weighty decisions for sponsors.

Moneta Advisors

Moneta is an independent registered investment advisor (RIA). We are fiduciaries and 100% objective. We operate and advise clients without bias. We are backed by the resources, security and longevity of a large firm, but still maintain entrepreneurial independence across teams. We have the freedom to leverage a large and diverse set of solutions for our clients. We are a client-first firm–always.

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