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Keys to a Fulfilling Retirement with Alan Spector

Retirement for many is a long-awaited, much anticipated event; however, researcher and author, Alan Spector, in his webinar for the MonetaU Speaker Series this week, said that many also have anxiety about it 

While the word “retirement” may connote an ending, he said it’s important to think about it as a new beginning – a time when you can do what you want, when you want, with whom you want. With all of this promise of freedom, Spector warned it’s a mistake to just “let it happen.” 

He stressed that it’s best to approach as a process. His research has found that more than half of retirees do not enjoy their first year, many find themselves disenchanted and struggle with depression. 

He warned that retirement is not a passive event. If you just stop working and sit back thinking everything is now going to be magically fabulous, think again.  

Spector said, “A holistic, written life plan greatly increases the odds of living the future you deserve and makes for an even more meaningful financial plan.” His approach includes not only planning and preparing, but also practicing retirement and considering deeply the time and place for it. 



Greg Valliere

Nearly 500 attended our first Moneta University Speaker Series webinar with Greg Valliere, respected thought leader and Washington insider. Valliere noted that things can shift quickly in both the political and financial market environments.

Our following “Top 5 Takeaways” represent his comments made on the evening of Wednesday, October 21 to include:

1. In general, the financial market likes predictability. The Constitution of the United States is clear that we must inaugurate a president at Noon on January 20. If late vote counting and a tight race create uncertainty, it may have a negative impact on the market.

2. While the presidential race is important, so are Senate elections this year. Typically, the market prefers different parties occupying the House and Senate to keep things from changing too swiftly. With the possibility that the Democrats could take the majority in the Senate this year, that is also a race to watch closely.

3. While this year’s race may seem reminiscent of that in 2016, it’s not entirely. While polls show Trump down, there are key differences this time. With the pandemic going on, 24% of the electorate have already cast their ballots. More women are supporting Joe Biden right now than they did Hillary Clinton at this stage of the election in 2016. Also, Republicans are low on funds with Biden’s supporters outspending Trump’s 2-to-1. All that being said, is it still possible for Trump to win this election? Yes; in 2020 nothing has proven to be predictable, so we will have to wait and see.

4. As far as relief for COVID-19, while the Fed seems to be prepared to do what it takes to keep the economy going, many leaders are concerned about additional national debt. While the national deficit is top-of-mind with many voters also, Valliere believes the political courage to go after the national debt by a candidate will need an event, like possibly instability in the bond market, to be addressed directly.

5. Looking ahead, Valliere believes it’s time for a new generation of leadership in the U.S. President Donald Trump is age 74, Joe Biden is 77 and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is 80. Valliere looks for many new Nextgen candidates in 2024 along with many we saw early in 2020’s election.

The opinions of those presented by the Moneta University Speaker Series guests do not necessarily represent those of Moneta.