Luke Ferraro

As Director of Investment Research at Moneta Group, Luke Ferraro serves all Principals and, by extension, their clients. He works to meet the complex needs of Moneta clients and strives to effectively contribute to their immediate and long-term financial goals.

Luke received his B.S. in Finance from University of Central Florida. Prior to joining Moneta, he served as a technical analyst and registered representative at Charles Schwab. There, he worked to develop trading strategies exclusively for high net worth clients. He then spent several years as a trader for Schonfield Securities in Atlanta, Georgia.

In 2007, Luke joined Moneta’s Investment Team as Director of Investment Research.

At Moneta, Luke’s primary responsibility is investment oversight, which monitors where the firm is invested according to asset classes and what instruments are used to gain access to those classes. In addition, he provides extensive research and ongoing due diligence for all external investment managers, both current and prospective.