Aida Miskic
Aida Miskic is a Client Service Manager on the Halls Dorn team, bringing to her team empathy, passion, and the desire to continuously learn.  She aims to gain more experience and hopes to grow into a position that sets her apart on the team.

Originally from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Aida moved to St. Louis in 2000 along with her family.  Aida calls St. Louis her home and is very grateful for all the opportunities she has been given here that she would not have otherwise had.  Aida received her Bachelors in Accounting at Harris-Stowe State University and has continued on to Webster University, where she plans to attain her Master’s degree in Finance.

The genuine relationships that develop between the teams and their clients is something Aida admires about Moneta.  Additionally, Aida is appreciative of the Moneta values of helping people navigate life, where she knows the work she is doing is impacting others on a greater scale.  Aida feels that Moneta has and will continue to help her grow as an individual and help others.

Outside of Moneta, Aida enjoys reading, hiking, cooking, and spending time with family.  She currently volunteers at United Way and Junior Achievement, and is always looking for ways to become more involved in the local community.