Partner training for advisors

Moneta’s Partner-in-Training Program Includes Leadership and Technical Preparation

you know better than anyone the importance of having a long-term plan. And if part of your career plan as an Advisor includes someday having an ownership stake as Partner, you may have questions. How do you get started? If you’ve been in a small firm, how long will you have to wait? What are the financial rewards – and obligations? And just what does making Partner entail? 

Moneta hears your questions. We know that being a Partner requires technical acumen, dedication to client service, business development savvy, and leadership know-how. Hoping you somehow rise to these challenges is not enough. You need a plan that includes education and measurable progress against these goals.

Moneta’s Partner-in-Training (PIT) program delivers the curriculum, instruction, testing, and structure to prepare the next generation of partners. The combination of classroom instruction, self-guided study, and dedicated mentorship helps those in the program to learn the ropes and ultimately be ready for the next stage in their career.

Typically lasting between two and four years, the PIT program assigns candidates subject matter mentors and measurable goals in four cornerstones: business development, practice management, client relationship, and leadership. The promotion to Partner decision is both objective (successful completion of necessary learning curriculum) and subjective (competency evaluations by Mentors and Team Partners), with a final decision by the Board of Directors vote.

Business Development

Practice Management

client relationship

Client Relationship


The result? A clear career path for those who aspire to take on an ownership role, knowing the components of a successful RIA and prepared to be effective leaders.