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Client Profiles

Moneta Group serves a diverse client base ranging from the emerging affluent, philanthropists, business owners, and beyond. Below you can find brief descriptions of the situations that our most common clientele often find themselves in.

High Net Worth Families

You probably didn’t think of a downside to your financial success. But the complexities of ensuring that your legacy will endure can be staggering. How do you decide who gets what—and how much? Are ‘fair’ and ‘equal’ the same when it comes to estate planning? How do you make sure that your heirs—and not the tax collector—reap the benefit of your achievements? Raising kids who value what you value can be a challenge when they haven’t had to face the difficulties you have had to overcome.

Your Moneta Group Family CFO can help your family with investments, estate and philanthropic strategies and retirement planning—and we can help with something much tougher: talking to your kids about money and helping your family enjoy open and honest communication. Annual family meetings—with carefully developed agendas and wise guidance—can help you craft a family vision statement that will serve as a guidepost to the future—for you, for your children, their children and generations to come.


Do you think of retirement as a carefree time in the distant future? If so, you better have a good plan in place, even though retirement seems eons away. How much is enough to provide for the lifestyle you dream of? So many variables can affect your carefully-laid plans—and it’s not just about money. Transitioning from the working world to one of leisure and singular opportunities can be difficult—especially if you’re not sure if that ‘replacement paycheck’ is going to give you the freedom to make those choices. Moneta Group Family CFOs can help you consider every facet of your financial position as you plan for your future. Let us be your advocate in creating a plan that makes sense, is flexible and is designed to create a secure future in which the dreams you have can become realities.

Business Owners

Even successful CEOs need a good CFO. At Moneta Group, we act as CFO to you, allowing you to focus on strategies designed to keep your business thriving. We simplify the complexities of your business’ financial affairs, providing a diverse menu of services including executive compensation, succession planning and employee benefits. In fact, one of Moneta Group’s core businesses is the design and administration of qualified retirement plans.

Moneta Group provides an investment platform and fee structure that enables us to provide completely objective investment recommendations, selecting from the largest possible universe of investments, a significant number managed by Retirement Plan Services, a third-party administrator that is our strategic partner. Whether you’re still growing your business or are looking at selling, transitioning or giving it to your kids, we can help guide you to the best decisions for you and your family.

Women in Transition

You always left the financial decisions to your spouse, but now you find yourself alone and concerned about what to do. The plans you had in place as a couple might still be exactly right, but you’re going to need someone you can trust to help you monitor your wealth, plan for the unexpected and serve as your advocate. Moneta Group Family CFOs have many clients in your circumstance and know that this can be a difficult transition. Your age, the value of your portfolio and changes in your plans for your future are all considerations you should talk over with someone who can advise you and your family about what’s best now.

Those Considering Establishing A Trust

If your financial success means that creating a trust is important for you and your family, there are some key questions to consider. Moneta Trust was created to support the needs of clients who desired to continue to maintain their investment relationship with Moneta Group yet be assured of having the safety and security of a third-party trustee. Through Moneta Trust, clients have access to a sophisticated trust administration platform and to Moneta Group’s time-tested investment capabilities. Moneta Trust provides expert trust technology and administration. Moneta Group provides proven investment expertise. And what may be more important for you and your heirs, your beneficiaries will know and have a long-term relationship with their Moneta Family CFO and the Moneta Trust officer; one more way your decisions will bring peace of mind to your family today and into the future.


What will your legacy be? Will your children want to be involved? Can you teach them to care? How and when should they take over? Who’s in charge after you are gone? We understand your concerns and have people dedicated to helping you find the answers. If your success has left you poised to make a difference in the lives of others, consider consulting a Moneta Group Family CFO to advise you on how to ensure your philanthropic giving can be the most meaningful.  You already have the desire to make a difference. Now is the time to explore how your gifts can best benefit your causes and your future. There are many ways to give; let Moneta Group help you sort through your options and ensure your gifts have maximum impact, while still paying close attention to your overall financial goals.

Foundation and Endowment Trustees and Board Members

You have a big responsibility. If you are concerned with being a good steward of the assets of your foundation or endowment, Moneta Group can help answer the questions that may keep you up at night.

  • Do you have enough assets to sustain your spending policy?
  • Do you know the risks in your portfolio?
  • Do you have the best managers?
  • Does your Investment Policy Statement serve as a beacon?
  • Are you meeting your objectives?

Moneta Group helps answer these key questions. Often-neglected smaller institutional clients receive a full suite of investment consulting services, including comprehensive analysis of your institution’s current condition and future objectives. We offer guidance and advice throughout the entire investment management process, and our advice is free of external bias. We act only on behalf of our clients. Our asset based fees are at or below the competition, even some who offer less-comprehensive services. Our expert consulting services, which is also suited for smaller institutional clients, may be exactly what you need to sleep soundly at night.

The Emerging Affluent

Your start-up has taken off, leaving you with diverse financial windfall you may not be prepared to handle. Or perhaps you finally were made a partner. Your financial future is more promising than ever. Leverage your new success by engaging a Moneta Group Family CFO to help establish your long-term financial goals. A comprehensive approach to your future will ensure all the pieces are in place—a well-balanced investment portfolio, education savings, retirements savings, tax strategies and philanthropic giving. Putting a comprehensive strategy in place today will help you sleep better at night.