Large-scale Resources

With our size comes an industry-leading level of expertise in all facets of asset management for our clients, all centralized in our corporate offices in St. Louis, Missouri.

Personalized Attention

Despite our successful growth, we are committed to maintain a small-firm feel for our clients. To do that, our experts are grouped into smaller, specialized client service teams to provide the personable, responsive service for which we are known.

Highly Respected

At Moneta, we are not only financial advisers, we are fiduciaries. We maintain the highest standards in the industry for acting in our clients’ best interest–always.

We maintain an exceptionally low, 48-to-1 adviser-to-client ratio. As an organization, we are also committed to a fee-only compensation structure.

Enduring Reputation

We have been in this business longer than most, and the key to our success has been to stay at the forefront of industry and client needs.

We were around in 1933 when The Great Depression drove U.S. unemployment up to 25% and created the need for comprehensive financial planning.

In 1963, Moneta operated under the name Physicians Planning Service Corp., focused on helping physicians, in particular, with financial planning.

In 1988, the name changed again to Moneta Group and evolved to a fee-only service provider to further support the transparent approach to client service.

Today, Moneta’s nearly 300 team members collectively have over 230 professional designations. Our diverse professionals are continually working to stay at the forefront of what clients want and need in managing their finances.