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Financial Independence

No one can predict the future, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for it. No matter where you are along your path toward retirement, your Moneta Family CFO will help you develop strategies to bring your goals within reach. For some families, that means saving for their children’s educations. For others, it may mean leaving a philanthropic legacy.

Although you want a comfortable, worry-free retirement, it isn’t just about the money. This important next phase means making sure you are as vital, engaged and excited in your retirement years as you were in your working life.

A well-designed plan, implemented during the working years, will help guide you toward the retirement you’ve always dreamed of. Your Moneta Family CFO will help design a savings plan based on your goals and objectives and will provide ongoing oversight of your progress. For those closer to retirement, more intense evaluation is applied and strategies are developed for your ‘paycheck replacement’ after retirement.

Then, focus is placed on tax-efficiency of withdrawals, determining from which accounts and which asset classes retirement withdrawals should be made and providing the ongoing analysis necessary to ensure you don’t outlive your money. And like every other part of your financial plan, all of this is based on your family’s financial priorities and goals.