Our Expertise

Family CFO Services

What exactly is a Family CFO? In the same way a chief financial officer coordinates all the financial affairs of a successful business, Moneta Group Family CFOs do the same for successful families, individuals and businesses. Clients have access to a depth and breadth of personalized, conflict-free advice on a range of financial issues, all delivered by a service model that has a single goal–make every client a ‘Raving Fan.’ And as independent Registered Investment Advisors, we act only in the best interests of our clients. We sit on the same side of the table, working in collaboration with clients to provide the service and advice they want and deserve.

Most people seeking financial advice and planning are concerned about the safety and performance of their investments. This is important, and we apply the considerable expertise of our investment department and many other experts to investment planning. But our Family CFO model goes far beyond investment concerns. Without a comprehensive, long-term plan in place—one designed to meet the unique needs of you and your family—even the best investment strategy is like a puzzle with key pieces missing: the picture is incomplete.

Our responsibility—and our expertise—is in asking all the right questions and helping find solutions. What about your children’s education? Have you considered protecting your estate from unwanted tax burdens? Do you want to retire early? Buy a second home? Are you adequately insured? Maybe it’s time to think about creating a trust for your family or to make sure they understand your philanthropic intent. We will guide you, working as your advocate as we explore your plans, dreams and goals for the future.

For many clients, retirement seems a long way off, but early planning for what you hope to accomplish along the way is the framework for long-term peace of mind. Your Family CFO not only helps you plan for that ‘replacement paycheck,’ but can help you think about what comes next and how you can continue to feel vital and engaged during the next phase of your life.

And certainly you may want to consider your golden years: A second home? Sail around the world? Start a new business? Whatever you imagine, whatever you need, your Family CFO offers advice, counsel and guidance.

Moneta Group Family CFOs—experts across many disciplines—anticipate your needs through every life transition. We are there for you today, tomorrow and for generations to come.