Greetings! We hope you and your family are well and finding joy this holiday season during these unprecedented times.
Welcome to the Fourth Quarter 2020 edition of the Compardo, Wienstroer, Conrad & Janes team newsletter. We are excited to share many of our recent developments with you and hope you enjoy the new and improved format.
We also wanted to thank you for allowing us into your homes this past year via our video chats.  It has been wonderful to see you all “on your turf” – kids, pets, and all! We are so thankful for our relationship with you and for the trust you place in us each-and-every day.
From all of us at CWCJ, we hope your holidays are filled with peace, good health, and cheerful celebration.
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Diane Compardo Named To Barron's 2020 Top 100 Independent Advisors

For the second year in a row Partner Diane Compardo - CPA, CFP®, PFS, AWMA®, was named to the Barron’s 2020 Top 100 Independent Advisors ranking. Not only is Diane just one of 18 women advisors on this year’s prestigious list, she is also the only advisor (male or female) recognized from Missouri. Congratulations, Diane! 

Team Holiday Zoom Party

At CWCJ we really enjoy each other (well….most of the time!). While this has been a difficult year by all accounts, we still found a way to spend some holiday time together: a floral designer and mixologist Zoom class! Some team members attended socially distanced in the training room while others participated via Zoom from home, allowing everyone to partake in the festivities and spread some holiday cheer! 
Compardo, Wienstroer, Conrad & Janes is expecting to have added five new babies by February of 2021! Yes five! Congrats Kaleb Doyle and his wife Kristin on the recent birth of their first, David Austin Doyle. Megan Benz is expecting her first child in late December. We recently threw Megan and her husband Justin a socially distanced baby shower to celebrate. Trevor Stone and his wife Larissa are expecting identical twins (their second and third) in early-February and Matt Schaller and his wife Elise are expecting their third child in late February. Congrats to all the happy parents!  
As we entered the season of giving, CWCJ participated in a volunteer opportunity with KidSmart where Aaron Boschs’ wife Jocelyn happens to be the Manager of Stewardship and Special Events.  KidSmart is the only free educational supply store in Missouri and brings school supplies into over 3,000 underserved classrooms in need. Even with 2020 being anything but normal, we still wanted a chance to give back to our community. Members of CWCJ who attended had a great time with a socially distant volunteer opportunity for a wonderful organization.
Kidsmart Volunteers Top row: Ryan Matteo, Lauren Randazzo, Katie Hackett, Caroline Fugel, Bottom row: Aaron Bosch, Michelle Beattie, Matt Schaller
Compardo, Wienstroer, Conrad & Janes is pleased to introduce our most recent hire and newest Advisor, Lauren Randazzo, CPA. Lauren brings over a decade of experience in wealth management and public accounting, specializing in a wide array of complex individual, trust and gift tax matters. We are happy to welcome Lauren to the team!
CWCJ team members love to write. We are constantly leveraging our diversity and experience to create content we hope our readers find to be both insightful and relevant. We generally post this content on the CWCJ website and wanted to share a few of the more-recent articles with you.
Benjamin Trujillo, JD, LLM – Senior Advisor, wrote a comprehensive guide on tax planning during the presidential election.
Depending on which political party assumes control of the legislative and executive branches of our government, we may experience a change in tax policy from a period of relatively low taxation and oversight to one of increased taxes on the wealthy and an additional allocation of resources to taxing authorities like the IRS.
Helping individuals and businesses plan for tax-efficient investments and transfers of wealth are two of our longstanding goals.  We provide this guide to help you better understand the current proposals from both presidential candidates and to provide strategies for approaching and navigating the possible changes.  
You can read the article here: Biden v. Trump, Tax Planning In Uncertain Times.
Kaleb Doyle, CPA, CFP® wrote about his experience as a first-time home buyer and an unconventional strategy for attacking a mortgage.
While there is no “one-size-fits-all” plan for how to properly attack a mortgage, the goal of this article is to share my personal strategy, which might sound a little unconventional, and explain my rationale for why it could be the best answer for you and your family’s financial future.
You can read Kaleb’s article here.
Diane Compardo, CPA, CFP®, PFS, AWMA® and Michelle Beattie, CPA, wrote about the important role of philanthropy in a Pandemic.
Every part of the world has felt the impact of the coronavirus. While it has affected people in different ways, the health and economic shocks have proven to be substantial. The virus has reshaped the nature of our lives from how we conduct business to the way we interact with family, friends, and loved ones. For many, it has also taken a serious toll on their finances.
Lawmakers agreed on Monday, December 20, 2020 to the terms for additional economic stimulus after months of haggling.  Congress reached an accord on approximately $900 billion dollars of relief for struggling Americans, less than half the aid provided under the original CARES Act in March.  The full text of the as-yet unnamed legislation has not yet been released but included in this article are the highlights.
You can read the full article here.
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