Moneta’s “Best-in-Breed” Retirement Plan Consulting Services Rank Among the Nation’s Elite

Planadviser ranked MonetaSM among the nation’s “Top 100 Retirement Plan Advisers” for the third consecutive year. The honor confirms Moneta remains at the top of its peer group within the industry.

Moneta is one firm with many solutions. We know what it’s like to guide businesses through the many complex decisions that come with sponsoring a retirement plan for its employees. We know what it’s like to educate those employees about their individual options so they can maximize their outcome.

“We wanted to build a best-in-breed service at the same quality and service level as our Family CFO practice,” Moneta Partner Tim Halls said.

As your advocate, Moneta remains committed to keeping organizations protected and participants on track through high-touch service, results-based participant education and unbiased advice – all honed through decades of experience for qualified and non-qualified plans. Moneta now has approximately 300 retirement plans under advisement with assets under advisement exceeding $3.7 billion.

“Moneta’s depth of knowledge and credentials differentiates us from most retirement plan consultants,” Moneta Partner Jake Winegrad said. “We compete with a lot of generalists. At Moneta, we have retirement plan specialists. Brokers and smaller RIAs don’t have a staff of people who can be fully dedicated to this topic like we do at Moneta. For them, it’s just on the side of their business – one of many things they juggle at the same time. But you need a lot of very specific skills to do this well, and our team is equipped for that in a way that very few others are.”

“It’s all we do,” Senior Retirement Plan Advisor Sean Duggan said about his team at Moneta. “That’s very rare within this industry. It’s extremely significant.”

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