Moneta Group Named Five-Star, Winning Workplace

St. Louis Small Business Monthly LogoOn November 6, 2015, Moneta Group was named a Five-Star, Winning Workplace by St. Louis Small Business Monthly. The following article, which features an interview with Managing Partner Tom O’Meara, was posted in the magazine. Read the story below, or online by clicking here.

An Above-and-Beyond Experience for All

Tom O'Meara
Interview with Tom O’Meara

Founded in 1869, the Moneta Group of today began its current culture in the 1980s when its focus became all about the client.

“We didn’t write it down; we just did it,” says Tom O’Meara, the company’s Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board. “We were working in the early stages of what was known as ‘financial planning’ and we aimed to provide a better experience for our clients than they could get anywhere else. We wanted them to not only achieve financial independence, but also be comfortable enough to sleep well at night knowing Moneta was looking out for them.”

Moneta’s vision was to put all of the pieces of the financial puzzle together, which meant going beyond investment advice and fulfilling each client’s comprehensive financial vision—from tax planning, to philanthropic giving, to planning for retirement.

Of course, being able to fulfill clients’ dreams is no easy task. In fact, it often means that Moneta’s employees need to have varying types of expertise and a very specific personality type that makes them great at what they do.

“Almost all of our people have two dominant traits,” says O’Meara. “First, they are perfectionists. Second, they are all cause-oriented and focused on truly making a difference in clients’ lives. To provide the level of service we offer, they need to be fanatical about taking care of clients. Moneta employees believe in what they are doing and know that they are making a difference.”

Every Moneta employee works diligently to provide a “Raving Fan” client experience; and their passion is rewarded.

“Our people work very hard to go above and beyond for our clients, so we want to go above and beyond for our people. We have a Raving Fan recognition process where employees who have gone above and beyond are recognized in our employee newsletter and given a check,” says Susan Conrad, Director of Strategy and Human Resources. “We also have regular employee appreciation events with food and drinks in order to remind our employees how grateful we are for all they do.”

Moneta also supports its cause-oriented employees through the Moneta Group Charitable Foundation, which was created in 1999 to facilitate employee giving and volunteering. To date, the foundation has granted local organizations with over 2 million employee-donated dollars and participated in hundreds of volunteer opportunities.

“Our people feel the need to give back. So they go above and beyond for their clients, for each other, and for the community,” says O’Meara. “I couldn’t be prouder to work at Moneta.”


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