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Questions you should ASK your advisor team


What is your client-to-advisor ratio?

The industry average is one advisor per 100 clients. The Kukla McGinnis Brown Team strives to deliver the highest level of service to our clients; therefore, we maintain a one-advisor-per-50-clients ratio. We are dedicated to investing in our team’s growth and future with a focus on developing the next generation of advisors. We work with simple and complex families and institutions in cities across the country. We are well situated to handle practically any of our clients’ various financial needs.

What happens when your advisor retires?

Continuity and sustainability should top your list of priorities as a client evaluating your financial advisor. Unfortunately, most advisors sell their practices to a consolidator, leaving their clients to fend for themselves. The Kukla McGinnis Brown team won’t do that to you. We proved our loyalty to clients by successfully executing advisor succession plans in the past. We currently have a 20-year strategy in place to ensure we never stop taking care of our clients and future generations.

Who owns the firm your Advisor works for and what is their 10-year plan?

Statistics show that a large percentage of advisor firms will sell or merge in the next 5-10 years. Many firms in our space are owned by private equity firms driven to sell at a profit. The excess of private equity capital currently in our industry leaves opportunity for consolidation and a large incentive for return-focused investment managers to sell or merge. Moneta is different because we are partner–owned. We fiercely protect our independence. This allows us to directly align with our clients’ long-term interests while delivering a level of service and loyalty only a completely independent company without external shareholders can offer.

We are Your FAMILY CFO

We know what it’s like to guide families through the birth of new children, the death of loved ones and the many joys and trials that come in between. Whether you want to send your kids to their dream school or retire early, your Family CFO is here to guide you. Whether you want to sell your business or sponsor the best retirement plan for your employees, your Family CFO is here to guide you. We are your advocate.

Denver: Our New Frontier

When Moneta opened its first expansion office in Denver, our team sent an advisor to the new location and hired another advisor locally. We are excited about how this helps us serve our existing clients in the Denver area, and we look forward to starting new relationships as well.



Our client to advisor ratio is half the industry standard allowing us to provide high-touch client service.

We have a proven succession plan in place to serve your family now and future generations.

Service Tenure & Planning Expertise = Boutique Wealth Management

We empower people to navigate life’s path and protect what they cherish.

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