InvestmentNews encourages firms to look to Moneta for inspiration

Moneta University made quite the impression on InvestmentNews wealth management reporter Jeff Benjamin.

His article about the industry trend of in-house universities gaining traction as the latest RIA perk overviews several financial planning firms with internal education programs – giving Moneta University the most glowing review of them all.

“If firms like Bridgeworth or others want some inspiration, they need look no further than St. Louis-based Moneta.”


The article touches on the tight, highly competitive nature of today’s job market in the financial services industry where recruiting and retaining talent is increasingly difficult. RIAs need ways to differentiate from their competition beyond the standard benefits package of health care and paid time off.

Instead of just “aggregating” talent, Moneta tangibly invests in the education, development and training of its people for the ultimate purpose of providing the best possible service and advice to its clients. Moneta University is the firm’s approach to preparing its next generation to provide world-class client service and lead the organization into the future. The entire firm supports the initiative as every level of the organization contributes to its success.

Moneta University’s goal is to deliver professional development and education opportunities for all employees to enhance their skills and grow into their career path. The formalized education program run by Moneta’s internal talent and organization development department provides required curriculum and training, including continuing education (CE) credits toward CFP certification. It aims to establish the necessary cornerstones of knowledge for every person in the organization to excel at their current role and achieve internal promotion towards advanced roles they desire along a clearly defined path.

Moneta University addresses the firm’s incredible talent base holistically. The program offers more than 150 courses at four different levels covering eight learning categories: foundational skills, industry knowledge, leadership, business development, compliance, business systems, management and client management. Each course is a robust experience comprised of multiple forms of education activating multiple learning styles. These range from traditional classes to live training, case studies, supporting articles and books, panels, collaboration sessions, best practice sharing and state-of-the-industry presentations.

Classes take place onsite in Moneta’s brand new training room during workday hours. Sessions are also video recorded for people who can’t attend in person. In addition, Moneta University is supported by learning management system (LMS) technology facilitating short (3-6 minutes each), self-paced micro-learning sessions that can be completed on-demand from an employee’s computer or phone.

Because Moneta University is so comprehensive, the program also curates clear paths for navigating its many options with course recommendations by roles and competencies. Employees earn certificates of excellence as they complete course along their path of development and advancement.

“This program is not just people showing up in a conference room listening to someone speaking,” Moneta President and COO Keith Bowles said. “We have a full LMS that guides all of our employees along their career path. This really targets all generations that work at Moneta and their needs. It allows them to see where they are going in their career at Moneta and provide all that valuable education and training.”

Under the umbrella of Moneta University is Moneta’s Partner-in-Training program. This is a high-touch and personal executive mentoring program. Partner-in-Training candidates are mentored by eight different Moneta Partners from eight different advisory teams over two years. Because Moneta’s teams are so independent and entrepreneurial, this essentially exposes them to perspectives and insight from eight different RIAs. It really creates a culture of collaboration and brings the firm together in the spirit of being one Moneta.

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