Halls Dorn Aiazzi Team

As Family Chief Financial Officer, the Halls Dorn Aiazzi Team works with clients to create and manage a long-term, holistic plan that addresses every aspect of their financial lives.

For business owners, we have particular experience with retirement plans, business financing and succession planning.

For all clients, we are their financial advocate – serving as their trusted fiduciary and helping them navigate all things financial so they can focus on what’s important to them.

Estate Planning

We give our clients experienced counsel on the purposeful transfer of both wealth and values to future generations. This includes facilitating family meetings, applying advanced estate tax strategies, and coordinating estate plan implementation and titling with outside attorneys.

Investment Strategies

We build customized, risk-managed portfolios of both public and private investments that are tailored to each client’s specific long-term goals for both themselves and future generations.

Business Owners

We specialize in the areas of qualified and non-qualified retirement plan consulting, succession planning, and debt strategies for our business clients.  Business owners frequently have significant tax-planning opportunities as well.

Philanthropic Strategies

We assist our clients in maximizing the impact and tax efficiency of their charitable giving, including endowment and family foundation services.

Asset Protection

We advise our clients on their needs and coordinate with independent providers to execute asset protection plans, whether they be protecting future income potential or existing, accumulated wealth.

Tax Efficiency

We identify and execute income tax minimization strategies, which can be key to retaining the maximum amount of client wealth. Our philosophy is: It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.

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