It will hit your inbox in a couple of minutes. While you wait, also consider a having professional review of your benefits and executive compensation package to ensure you are getting the most from it. We have found that upon careful inspection, most executives discover they’ve left some money on the table.


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Frequently asked questions about an “Executive Benefits Analysis”

Why Schedule a 30-minute Meeting?

In one sentence, we saw a service gap and built a solution to fix it.

 As a senior executive, you have a unique opportunity to create your future. Deferred compensation, various equity options and other benefits can become the building blocks of your financial independence — but only if you make strategic choices that account for legal, tax and stock market complexity.

What happens?

An Executive Benefits Analysis is a complimentary 30-minute phone call. It’s designed to help you answer key questions about your executive compensation and benefits.


  • Step one: Build a 30,000 ft summary of your compensation package. This will include straightforward components like salary and insurance coverage, as well as the more complex pieces (like restricted stock options, incentive stock options, performance shares and non-qualified deferred compensation choices).

  • Step two: Understand how each component of your compensation package is affected by tax rules, time and vesting requirements, risk, stock market leverage and more.

  • Step three: Identify potential “hidden money” opportunities. More on that below.
What do you get?

Every executive compensation package is unique, but there are some common themes we have that can benefit you greatly: 

  • Restructuring and re-prioritizing contributions to deferred accounts to lower this year’s tax bill.

  • Maximizing the value of the deferred compensation plan.

  • Using 83(b) elections to lower taxes on restricted stock.

  • Selling RSUs at the appropriate time to meet your goals.
  • Holding off on exercising options to maximize the tax benefits of long-term capital gains.
  • Uncovering hidden fees in the 401(k) plan that could eat away at market growth and accumulation.
  • Adding gifting strategies to reduce taxes and contribute to worthy charities.
When is the best time?

Contact us if any of the following are true for you:

  • You are evaluating a potential new job offer.
  • You just accepted a new job offer.
  • You recently had a qualifying life event (getting married, getting divorced, having a baby).
  • You haven’t looked at your benefits and compensation structure in over a year.
  • You wouldn’t be able to take a blank sheet of paper and draw a “mindmap” of your compensation package.
  • You know that you’ve picked some of your benefits without full due diligence.
How do you schedule?

It’s simple. Schedule your complimentary Executive Benefits Analysis by clicking here.

After you pick the date and time that works for you, my team will send you prep instructions (don’t worry, it’s easy documents you already have).

Invest 30 minutes of your time so we can help you do more with your benefits and see if we can find hidden money in your executive compensation!

Participation in a complimentary analysis does not require a paid engagement. The analysis neither makes me your financial advisor, nor are you a client of mine or of our firm. If after the analysis you wish to pursue additional conversations or would like for us to prepare a financial action plan for you, a signed agreement forming a client advisor relationship will be necessary.


Danton Troyer brought his individual practice to Moneta in 2018 after more than a decade on his own. Adding the support of an Enterprise Service Team and the resources of Barron’s top 5 nationally ranked independent RIA firm to Danton’s personal expertise and care for his clients make quite the dynamic combination.

As your Family CFO, Danton delivers high-level service and advice while giving you and your personal financial circumstances the individual attention you deserve. You can trust him to help you navigate life’s many major financial transitions while protecting your savings and assets. He excels in developing sophisticated solutions for complex tax challenges, education expenses, business ventures, philanthropy, retirement and multi-generational legacies.

Danton earned his bachelor’s degree from Missouri State University in 2005 before moving back to St. Louis to start his career as a Financial Advisor. He earned his CFP™ credentials in 2010.





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